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Welbeing's monitoring and response centre service

When anyone connected to the service calls us, activates an alarm, or if a sensor detects a problem we immediately respond.

This a non-stop service which happens 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It is fully backed up, so if the Welbeing system fails, monitoring is automatically and seamlessly switched to a different site.

Monitoring is carried out by our specially trained and skilled operators. Our team have been selected because they enjoy helping people, have the personal skills to provide reassurance, a high level of sensitivity and plenty of common sense. They understand that living alone can be stressful, that clients may need assistance with 'minor' difficulties, that there are times when clients may be confused, forgetful, uncomfortable and in poor humour. They spend as much time as is needed dealing with any difficulties, offering advice if appropriate or calling-in assistance or the emergency services when necessary.

When a call is received, staff can immediately see how the call was triggered, e.g. a pendant alarm. The caller's details are displayed, including name, address, carer's or neighbour's details, keyholders, doctor's details and, if appropriate, medical conditions. If the call centre receives no verbal response, the client is called on the telephone. If there's still no response, the centre uses the client's list of contacts to ask the nearest person to call at the house and check if everything is OK. The centre is compliant with the TSA Code of Practice.

A selection of our products

Care Assist is designed to support local carers to deliver high quality, non intrusive care.
ERICA (External Release Internal Chain Access) solves the problem of gaining access.
Ideal for placing near the door and prompting people to ask for ID.
Automated call checking service. Daily safety and reminder calls to check your loved ones are safe.