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Test your pendant

Don’t forget to test your pendant!

Monthly testing of lifeline pendants is very important to ensure it is working whenever you need us. The test call couldn’t be easier with one simple press of the red button automatically measuring the battery strength of the pendant and sending an alert to a call operator if a replacement is needed.

We give every new customer a fridge magnet to remind customers to test and they also serve as a prompt for family and friends to make sure a call is made.

A selection of our products

Key safes are fitted outside a property and can only be opened with a code that we hold on your behalf.
These lifeline home units are at the heart of the home to help all kinds of people of all ages to live independently.
These units can prompt you when to take your medication and dispense the tablets you are due to take.
Smoke detectors provide increased reassurance by raising an alarm call direct to the our contact centre whilst also activating a local audible alarm in the home.