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Telecare and Learning Disabilities

Woman holding a laptop tray with laptopFor approximately 60% of people with a learning disability who live at home with family or carers, telecare technology can provide a vital role in supporting both the individuals with learning disabilities and their carers.

Telecare can enable users to take a full and active part in their communities, supporting them in carrying out everyday tasks and effectively managing risks to their health and home environment.

What is telecare?

It can be anything from a range of sensors linked to a Lifeline home unit, which raises an automatic alarm if help is required, for instance, in the event of a fall. Remote monitoring and proactive risk management allows the user to carry out day-to-day tasks without the need for a formal or family carer to be present all the time.

The technology also monitors and manages potentially hazardous situations such as floods and extremes of temperature and fires, thus providing low-level support to ensure help is on hand when needed, while also affording valuable independence and dignity for individual. The equipment can also enable individuals to continue to live in their own homes in the community if there is a threat of harassment or discrimination.

Telecare can help people to maintain their local social and family networks, resolve stress and anxiety leading to improved health and emotional wellbeing as well as continuing to manage any risks and increasing the individualís confidence

A selection of our products

Bogus caller buttons are also called 'panic buttons' and can be installed next to the front door or beside your bed.
This sensor is placed underneath the mattress and monitors seizures.
These lifeline home units are at the heart of the home to help all kinds of people of all ages to live independently.
Offers security to the vulnerable at home by providing an easy and convenient way for friends and relatives to keep in touch