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New life-saving service launched

OneCall is a life-saving identification service of a silicone wristband printed with a unique reference number and the phone number for Welbeing’s 24 hour 365 days emergency telephone service. The number allows emergency and medical professionals to access vital medical information details.

life-saving The OnceCall wristband

OneCall assists people in various ways and would be of great benefit to people with medical conditions (diabetes, epilepsy, dementia, mental health issues) and allergies, lone workers and carers as well as people who spend a lot of their time outdoors alone such as walkers.

Steve Smith, Welbeing’s CEO said “We provide a wide range of Telecare equipment to assist independent living in the home and were often asked for a solution when they were out of the home. OneCall is a simple, low cost solution that is already proving very popular with our customers”.

How does Welbeing OneCall work?

If you are out and about and you become ill, have an allergic reaction, have a fall, become disorientated or are in any way at risk, the person who finds you, or the emergency services can ring the phone number on the wristband, quote the identification number and (after completing a security check) can be advised of any important medical information. The contact centre will notify the person’s pre-arranged contact or next-of-kin. It is important that the OneCall wristband is worn 24 hours a day. There is no need to take it off, even when you are bathing.

How much does Welbeing OneCall cost?

  • There is a one off set up charge and an annual subscription.
  • Set Up £25.00 Subscription £15.00 a year

If you would like to register for this service then please contact us on 01323 636214 for further information. As soon as you complete the forms and receive the wristband you will be registered with the OneCall service. You will need to update your details if your change any of your personal details. You will be required to sign our terms and conditions.

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