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Important notice regarding telecare phone calls

​Beware of cold callers trying to get personal or financial information from you. The Telecare Services Association (TSA) has recently been contacted by a number of TSA Members (including Welbeing) expressing concerns with the way their customers have been approached by an organisation which is based in Bournemouth and which has been allegedly cold calling individuals using database lists of customer information provided through data sourcing companies.

The organisation is trading as ‘Lifeline Outreach’ and ‘Ready Care UK’ offering dispersed alarms and pendants for £149.99 with no monthly fees. Some customers of existing services have been confused by the cold callers believing them to be their existing provider, and have paid money out which has then been difficult to get back.

Please rest assured that these calls are not from Welbeing and we do not have a mandatory requirement for customers to pay up front annually over the telephone. We are advising our customers who have concerns about any call they receive regarding their lifeline payments to end the call and call us back on 01323 644422.

For a small number of private customers who are behind with their payments, our credit control department will contact these customers by telephone, and we will always refer to ourselves as “Welbeing Lifeline” and give the name of who is calling. We would only ever ask for payment, usually by credit card, for the amount that is overdue. Again, if the customer is in doubt, they can always ring us back on the above number asking for the finance department.

If you receive a call that makes you think a company has broken the law or acted unfairly, Call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06.

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