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Coronavirus Update – 18 March

We’re monitoring the situation daily and have implemented several preventative measures to protect our staff and service users:

  • Posters have been placed across all our sites, in toilets and kitchens encouraging handwashing, use of tissues etc
  • Hand sanitiser gel distribution has been increased for all staff members
  • All staff have completed a travel plan document for holiday destinations this coming year
  • DR sites are being double checked and verified for use
  • Staff returning from affected areas are self-isolating and working from home for 14 days
  • We are limiting engineers visits to office bases and restricting visitors to our sites
  • Engineers have been issued with additional protective equipment (gloves, hand gels etc)
  • Pre-recorded message have been placed on our incoming lines, to advise callers that they may be asked additional questions for Health & Safety reasons
  • Customer Services have been provided with a new script to assess the risk of visiting a client;
Risk Level Response Action
LOW No travel abroad and no high-risk contact Business As Usual
MEDIUM Has chosen to self-isolate due to age/ medical history Minimise visits if possible (postal options)/ precautions with H&S supplies
HIGH Cold/flu symptoms or others in the household with symptoms OR 111 recommendation to self-isolate/ confirmed COVID-19 case. No visit: Corporate clients to be updated on visits that we are unable to attend

Our contingency plan includes:

  • Use of bank staff if there is a staff shortage due to school closures/self-isolation
  • Use of non-call centre, but trained staff from other parts of the business to be redeployed to the call centre
  • Back office functions to carry out non-emergency call handling tasks in the call centre
  • Use of homeworkers if a call centre becomes out of bounds

We are reviewing our Covid-19 preparedness plans on a frequent basis and we are supported by a Covid-19 working Group which has been established within the Doro Group.

Please be assured we are doing everything in our control to ensure our key services in support of service users remain unaffected.

Updated 18 March @ 15:44

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