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We have become Careium

We have now changed our name to Careium.

Careium logo

Please be reassured that this is simply a name change only. You will continue to receive the same great service, from the same great people. When you contact us we will answer as Careium and any payments you make will appear as received by Careium.

We are extremely proud of our heritage as Centra, Eldercare and Welbeing. Now the time is right to move forward together as one organisation called Careium, focused on providing peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

This website will be moving to in January 2022, until then please continue to order and contact us vis this website.

Again, I want to reassure you that this is simply a name change and you do not need to do anything. Your personal alarm service will continue as normal and you will still speak to the same people when you contact us. If you do have any questions, of course you can always contact us on

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