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Our mission

​​We develop and offer smart technology to help seniors live better lives. Our products and services creates improved safety and quality of life, and the possibility for seniors to live with the dignity and independence they deserve.

Our values

We care

Our solutions have to be as unique as our users. We look at things from a different angle and use our skills to enhance everyday lives. We have big plans for the future and the drive to make them happen.

We are trustworthy

In our business, we ask people to put a lot of trust in our hands. We honour that trust by being professional, responsible, and transparent at all times.

We are visionary

We approach everything we do with empathy and respect – whether that’s working with seniors or each other. We know what it means to care for someone, and we do everything we can to make it as simple as possible. For us, it’s personal.

Our vision

We believe that life is for living. We empower people to get the most out of every day, at every age. We enable independence and ensure peace of mind when it matters most.