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Our mission

​​We provide support and reassurance to customers and their families, empowering people to stay safe and independent in their homes. We give our best because our customers deserve it but also because it makes us feel good. And when one of us goes that extra mile we celebrate their achievements and thank them for their hard work.

Our people live our values every day of the year, every hour of the day. We call this the ‘Spirit of Welbeing’.

We believe in:

Sustainability – this is about how our people maintain our brand reputation and our financial security so we can continue to empower our customers into the future.

Passion – this is about how our people do everything to the very best of their ability, with an enthusiasm and with a positive attitude to every aspect of their job.

Innovation – this isn’t just about technology, although this is important to us, this is about how our people strive to continuously improve everything that they do and how we can deliver a better service.

Respect – we care deeply about our customers but we also care about each other. When our people need help or advice they can rely on their colleagues and managers to provide friendly support and guidance.

Integrity– this runs hand in hand with Respect but we expect our people to be honest and trustworthy. We have straightforward conversations with our people and our customers in order to make a difference. We keep things simple, easy to understand and do.

Teamwork – our people are important to us and to each other. We work best when we work together to achieve our purpose of empowering people to stay safe and independent at home.

Our vision for the future is to be the number one service provider of technology enabled care services in the UK. To achieve this, we set high standards for ourselves and for those who work with us. We recognise the challenges that the sector faces and we’re meeting them right now by growing our business in partnership with our customers. But most of all we’re meeting them through our people who share our values and are the embodiment of the Welbeing Spirit.