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Help and support for carers and their families

Support for carers

Our telecare sensors support carers and families by providing additional help and support for all-important peace of mind.

The purpose of telecare is not to replace you as the carer, but to allow you to leave the house, or get a good night’s sleep, confident that you will be informed if an emergency should occur.

There is a range of telecare sensors that when connected to the personal alarm base unit can provide carers peace of mind and respite from some of their caring responsibilities whilst promoting greater independence for those being cared for.

Support for carers

Case Study

I feel so much more confident at home and my wife can sleep more soundly too

Fred lives with his wife, he is chronically disabled with emphysema and has reduced mobility due to arthritis. Recently his knees have started to give way, causing him to sink to the ground and fall, this has resulted in a recent stay in hospital.

If the telecare equipment had not been installed, Fred feels that he would have been at much greater risk of falls, which could have resulted in hospital admissions.

Carer assist pager

Care Assist pager

A portable device that provides carers with a means to receive instant alerts from a range of telecare sensors.



A simple way to keep your door keys handy should they be needed in an emergency. It is fitted to an external wall and can only be opened by entering a unique code.

Personal alarm pendant

Personal alarm pendant

Worn around the neck or wrist, and allows the wearer to press a button to generate an alarm call when they need help from anywhere.

Onecall wrist band


A wristband printed with a unique reference number and the phone number for our emergency telephone service. Allows access to vital medical information details.

telephone checking service

Telephone checking service

A friendly, professional telephone checking service that checks in to see if you are OK and can remind you of the important things you need to do.