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Help and support for those living with epilepsy

Telecare can promote a sense of independence for those living with epilepsy, whilst providing peace of mind and reassurance for carers and relatives.

A bed sensor senses your movement, breathing and heartbeat and can detect the changes that take place when a seizure is occurring. The sensor monitors you whilst you are sleeping and will raise an alarm when the sensor detects you are having an epileptic seizure. The intelligent falls pendant is a lightweight pendant allows you to press a button to generate an alarm call if you need to, from anywhere within your home.

Support for those living with epilepsy

Case Study

I’ve regained my freedom and privacy and my parents can sleep at night now

Gina is 16 and lives with her parents. She recently began to experience frequent epileptic seizures and was diagnosed with the condition.

Gina’s parents were concerned that she might suffer a epileptic seizure at night-time and they would not be aware, so they decided to take it in turns to sleep on the floor next to her bed. Gina felt this was intruding on her privacy. An sensor was fitted to Gina’s bed and would provide an alert to her parents.

Epilepsy sensor

Epilepsy sensor

Placed underneath the mattress for monitoring tonic-clonic seizures. Upon detection of such a situation, an alert will be raised to the contact centre or carer.

Fall detector

Fall detector

These sensors are worn on a cord around your neck or wrist and automatically trigger an alert to our monitoring centre if they detect you’ve fallen over.

telephone checking service

Telephone checking service

A friendly, professional telephone checking service that checks in to see if you are OK and can remind you of the important things you need to do.