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Medication dispenser

A medication dispenser reminds you by means of an alarm and flashing light when to take your medication. It will make the correct dose available at the correct time of day or night, whilst keeping secure all other pills.

If the user fails to access the medication, an alert is raised to our friendly and helpful staff at our 24-hour monitoring centre.

The medication dispenser is for everyone who takes medication, it removes the burden of remembering which tablets to take when. It is also very helpful for older people and those with mental health problems who are prone to poor medication adherence partly due to the number of tablets they take.

Doro medication dispenser

How does it work?

The medication dispenser is filled and programmed by the user, relative, carer or pharmacist to dispense pills. Once it is set up with doses and times it allows the user to take their medication within a set time frame and it can also act as a reminder. If the user does not access their medication then an alert is raised at the contact centre.

Why is it needed?

Remembering to take daily medication can be the difference between life and death for many people. However, people forget all the time so a medication reminder can be a great way to help people to remember to take their tablets.

How does the personal alarm service work?

The medication dispenser works in combination with the personal alarm service and helps individuals to live more independently, and have an improved quality of life.

Discrete wireless sensors throughout your home can automatically raise a local, audible alarm, as well as alerting a carer, key holder or the monitoring centre as appropriate.

Personal alarm service base unit
Press the button icon

Press the button

Simply press the button on your pendant or alarm unit when you need assistance.

Speech bubbles icon

Speak to our staff

Our staff will respond and speak to you via the alarm unit. If they cannot get in touch they will summon help.

Help is on the way icon

Help is on the way

We will summon help by contacting the nominated key holder (relative, friend or neighbour) or the emergency services.