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Help and support for those with sensory impairment

Telecare sensors can help support those with sensory impairment and allow them to maintain an independent lifestyle and live in their own home for longer.

Telecare sensors such as vibrating pagers, sounder and flash beacons ensure the user or carer is alerted when an alarm call is raised.

There are a range of telecare sensors that when connected to the personal alarm base unit helps to provide added reassurance and protection to both visually impaired and hearing impaired users allowing them to live safely at home.

Support for sensory impairment

Case Study

Telecare has transformed the lives of me and my daughter

Sarah is profoundly deaf and has a young daughter aged 7, who has severe asthma. The daughter often has asthma attacks and will collapse, and Sarah will not be aware of these until she sees her.

Since the sensors have been installed it has allowed both mother and daughter much more peace of mind and freedom and given both a huge amount of help in the case of an emergency situation.

Sounder beacon

Sound & flashing beacon

Provides audio and visual confirmation of an alert call, providing additional reassurance for people with hearing impairments.

Peep hole viewer

Peephole viewer

Peephole viewers – Ideal for vulnerable or sight-impaired people to safely open the door without having to peep through a tiny eyeglass fitted in to the door.

Pillow shaker

The Pillow Alert Pad is placed under the pillow and uses vibration to alert the sleeping user of various calls and alerts. The Pillow Alert Pad will vibrate at night to wake the sleeping user/carer for vital alarms such as smoke detectors.

Speaking / big button telephone

The phone is specifically designed for people with limited dexterity, hearing or visual impairments. Allows you to make and receive telephone calls by adjusting the receiver volume and having large number dialling keys.

Portable audio door entry

A transmitter that can be used around the home or garden. When activated the receiver sounds an alarm and illuminates one of four different coloured LED symbols to show which transmitter has been activated.

Vibrating pagers

The pager immediately alerts users or their carers when a telecare alarm is generated. They are particularly useful for users with hearing impairments or for live-in carers or family members who need to be notified quickly if the person they are caring for needs help.