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Real stories of how we’ve helped

At Welbeing our mission is to enable our customers to live more independent lives. Our vast telecare product range helps many people live more confidently in their own homes and to venture outside without assistance.

Independent living for some people can mean utilising innovative technology such as a GPS tracker to offer freedom and confidence when leaving the house, safe in the knowledge help is at hand if an emergency occurs. For others, it may mean a simple wristband and use of the OneCall service which can help those who are subject to memory loss, should they become forgetful while out or in difficulty.

Our customers have many different stories of how telecare has helped them or a loved one. Whether you or a family member occasionally falls while at home, or lives with a condition such as Dementia or Parkinson’s disease, you may find lifeline can help. Independent living can transform lives and our team are passionate about ensuring our customers find the right telecare products for their lifestyle and needs.

Many people who use telecare may find they already live fulfilling, active lifestyles but require support with certain aspects of daily life. In this instance independent living can be enabled with the use of medication prompts, smoke detectors and lifeline pendants with vibrating wrist pagers. These items can help offer peace of mind should an emergency occur or you need a reminder.

Don’t just take our word for it though; we’ve spoken to some of our valued customers to find out their real life stories and how telecare has supported their needs and offered much needed reassurance. Whether you combine telecare products to find the best solution for your needs or you only need support with one aspect of independent living, you can find out how some of our customers have been supported by telecare in our lifeline case studies below: