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Doro Eliza smartcare hub is our premium personal alarm service

Premium alarm service

It’s an award-winning design delivering the best possible security and reliability to users, alarm receiving centres and service providers alike.

It is a digital device so it’s ready for 2025, when BT announced it will be switching off analogue phone lines and phone services will become completely digital.

Like all our alarms it is really easy to set-up and use. It is ideal for customers who don’t have a telephone landline in their home because it uses a SIM card instead. It is ideally suited to people who have a range of equipment such as a smoke detector, fall sensor, security camera and/or pill dispensers.

Eliza is suitable for those who want to purchase their personal alarm service and benefit from a lower monthly rental cost. The unit costs £249 to buy with a monthly cost of £9.99 for 24 hour support at a press of a button.

£249 upfront and then £9.99 per month

Doro Eliza

How does it work?

The true advantage of digital telecare is the enormous potential it represents for the future of social alarms and health care. Doro Eliza integrates seamlessly with new digital infrastructure as well as with a full range of compatible telecare devices and sensors such as smoke detectors and the stylishly designed Doro Enzo waterproof radio trigger. And in addition to long-term reliability and cost efficiency, service providers will enjoy simple, accurate and swift monitoring and administration at their fingertips with the help of Doro’s service.

Why is it needed?

Doro Eliza takes full advantage of the capabilities provided by 4G and IP digital networks to ensure the highest level of reliability, security and flexibility. In contrast to solutions developed for antiquated analogue networks, this smart digital hub uses frequent ‘heartbeat’ checks to ensure a reliable connection is always there. That way, service providers are promptly and automatically alerted of any loss of service, thus minimising the risk of the client being out of communication for a prolonged period of time and without anyone knowing about it.

Press the button icon

Press the button

Simply press the button on your pendant or alarm unit when you need assistance.

Speech bubbles icon

Speak to our staff

Our staff will respond and speak to you via the alarm unit. If they cannot get in touch they will summon help.

Help is on the way icon

Help is on the way

We will summon help by contacting the nominated key holder (relative, friend or neighbour) or the emergency services.

Request a callback

Whether you’d like to know more information or you’re interested in making a purchase, request a call back and one of our friendly advisers will be in touch.

Our promise to protect your privacy — Your personal information will only be used for the purposes of calling you back. It will not be used to market to you without your explicit consent or passed on to any other third parties. To find out more see our privacy policy