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What is Telecare?

Telecare helps to manage risk and support independence by means of unobtrusive wireless sensors placed around the home which detect possible problems such as smoke, gas, flood or a person falling.

Discrete wireless sensors throughout your home can automatically raise a local, audible alarm, as well as alerting a carer, key holder or the monitoring centre as appropriate.

How telecare works

Doro carbon monoxide detectorCarbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas which is sometimes produced in fires and boilers and can be fatal. Our carbon monoxide alarms tell us when there are dangerous levels in your home.

Doro smoke alarm

Smoke alarm

When smoke or fire is detected an alert will automatically be sounded in your home. Our monitoring centre will also be notified and contact the emergency services if needed.

Doro flood detectorFlood detector

These provide early warnings of potential flood situations, such as the bath overflowing. The sensor can be placed under the sink or in the bathroom next to the toilet or under the bath.

Doro extreme temperature sensorExtreme temperature sensor

Detects both extreme heat and cold. It can tell us if there is a fire in your house or if your house is too cold, for example because the boiler is broken, bad weather or that the door has been left open.

Sounder beaconSound & flashing beacon

Provides audio and visual confirmation of an alert call, providing additional reassurance for people with hearing impairments.

Lifeline PendantPendant

Worn around the neck or wrist, you press the button to raise an alert call in an emergency.

Doro fall detectorFall detector

These sensors are worn on a cord around your neck or wrist and automatically trigger an alert to our monitoring centre if they detect you’ve fallen over.

Medication dispenserMedication dispenser

Reminds you by means of an alarm and flashing light when to take your medication. It will make the correct dose available at the correct time of day or night, whilst keeping secure all other pills.

Bogus caller buttonBogus caller button

Fixed near the door, the bogus caller button will provide reassurance in the event of an unexpected caller.

Door chainReleasable door chain

Fitted exactly the same way and position as a conventional chain, however access from outside can be made via a standard rim cylinder, using an individual key.


A simple way to keep your door keys handy should they be needed in an emergency. It is fitted to an external wall and can only be opened by entering a unique code.

Doro bed occupancy sensorBed occupancy sensor

Generates an alert if you have got out of your chair/bed and not returned after a specified period of time.

Doro door sensor

Door usage sensor

Placed above a front/back door it can detect if you or someone else leaves the property and doesn’t return within a certain period of time.

Epilepsy sensorEpilepsy sensor

Placed underneath the mattress for monitoring tonic-clonic seizures. Upon detection of such a situation, an alert will be raised to the contact centre or carer.

Care assist pagerCare Assist pager

A portable device that provides carers with a means to receive instant alerts from a range of telecare sensors.

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