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Extreme temperature sensor

The extreme temperature sensor provides advanced alerts of extreme household temperatures which could lead to unhealthy living conditions.

It also provides advanced warning of fire hazards, as unlike smoke alarms it can be sited in smoke rich environments such as kitchens, and can raise an alert when the room temperature falls to levels that could result in burst pipes.

For anyone who might be at risk of living in an unhealthy environmental temperature, the sensor raises an alert in order to help with independent living.

Doro extreme temperature sensor

How does it work?

They are designed to detect three temperature situations; high, low and rapid rate of rise. It can tell us if there is a fire in your house or if your house is too cold, for example because the boiler is broken, bad weather or that the door has been left open.

Why is it needed?

The extreme temperature sensor is a unique solution for the remote monitoring of unhealthy environmental temperatures in order to help enable independent living. The extreme temperature sensor can be used with Lifeline base unit and provides a flexible solution for individual homes and grouped housing developments.

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What is telecare?

Telecare helps to manage risk and support independence by means of unobtrusive wireless sensors placed around the home which detect possible problems such as smoke, gas, flood or a person falling.