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Peephole viewer

This battery-operated digital peephole viewer is ideal for vulnerable or sight impaired people to safely open the door without having to peep through a tiny eyeglass fitted in to the door.

Ideal for people who are not able to see through a small normal sized peephole viewer as you can view the video display with both eyes at a convenient distance. Also for victims of crime, domestic violence or people suffering from anti-social behaviour attacks.

Digital video peephole viewer

How does it work?

The digital video peephole viewer makes it easy to identify visitors to your door as it has HD resolution and the display has a zoom function. You can also save the image displayed to a microSD card at the same time.

Why is it needed?

Vulnerable people, including older people, are often targeted by unwanted callers and a digital video peephole viewer allows them to see clearly who is at the door and also to capture the image if needed.

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What is telecare?

Telecare helps to manage risk and support independence by means of unobtrusive wireless sensors placed around the home which detect possible problems such as smoke, gas, flood or a person falling.